White Widow Closeup

White Widow

Supplied by: Trichoma
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid

White Widow is a strain that is recognized by smokers around the world. This balanced hybrid was created by Green House Seeds in the Netherlands, and saw itself established as one of the most dominant strains of the 90’s. As a teenager, I can remember the tales friends shared of their experience with this classic powerhouse. This was my first time smoking White Widow, and I was very much looking forward to the experience.


Trichoma are certainly on point recently with their quality, this R70/g ‘mid’ definitely surpassed our expectations. Visually, the buds were dense and appeared like what one would get from a high quality greenhouse grow. We found no seeds in the buds and trichome development was on par with a lot of higher grade buds. Colouration was rich and dark pistils were peppered around the nugs. The buds were elongated, as this strain finds its bud structure leaning very much on the sativa side of its genetic line.

White Widow

White Widow Strain

Smell & Taste

The scents were of moderate to high strength and exceeded expectations in the price point. We experienced an almost chemical tone mixed with a piney essence, true to what one can expect from the strain. The flavours were that of an initial earth and floral, then leaving a sweet and pungent aftertaste. The smoke was a little harsh, but wasn’t really uncomfortable. The bud burned extremely well and left a rich white ash.


White Widow has always been known for its potency and it certainly is a hard hitter. The initial high was very much a head high, though within 15 minutes this evolved into a body high which brought with it relaxation. The strain is typically known to induce energy and focus, but we both found ourselves feeling more sedated. There weren’t any real side effects that we experienced.

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