white fire og

White Fire OG (Wifi OG)

white fire og

Acquired From: Private Sale

White Fire OG (sometimes referred to as WiFi OG) is a Sativa dominant strain and one that is quite hard to come by locally. Visually, it’s one of the most attractive strains I’ve had the pleasure of smoking, with the entire bud being encrusted in a thick, frosty display of trichomes. However, it’s not only the appearance that captivates. The aroma from this bud was amazing, with initial notes of a diesel-like scent, mixed with some of the pungent notes found in the Cheese strains. Yet there is more to the smell than just that, with some sweet citrus and even fruity like scents coming in as well.

This is the first strain that I’ve had my plug issue a warning when handing to me.

“Don’t underestimate this strain. It’ll get you fucked quickly.”

The High

Within just a couple minutes of the first drags, we started to feel the effects of this popular medicinal strain. Our bodies were washed over with relaxation, yet our minds were euphoric and uplifted. Being a Sativa dominant strain, this combination of strong head high combined with a relaxing body high left us feeling perfectly balanced. White Fire OG is used often in legalized locations, for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, both mental and physical.

Taste & Aroma

The taste wasn’t as hitting as something like a Cheese or a Blue Kush, but was still very much enjoyable and still blissfully tasty. THC values for this strain are extremely high, and even a tolleranced smoker is really going to feel it. This strain has been sold with THC upwards of 30%, and is typically found with THC values in the mid to high 20-percents. This strain had me closing me eyes and going off on journeys within my mind, losing track of time occassionally while in the comforts of my mind. You can expect your typical Sativa dominant head high, especially enjoyable for those who prefer the more psychedelic experience with their weed.

This dope didn’t come in cheap, at R200 a gram. However, with the strain not being as readily available locally as many other strains, it was hard to decline such a beautiful strain.

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