Super Cheese


Acquired from: Private Sale

Super Cheese has an interesting story to it, in that it’s not a cross breed between two varying strains, but rather it’s origins come from breeding various Cheese phenotypes to create this potent and aromatic strain. Cheese saw large popularity in Europe in the 90s and even early 2000s, but the strain only started picking up in popularity in South Africa in recent years. It is now probably one of the Cape’s most stocked strain and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding Super Cheese stocked along with Exodus Cheese by one of your local plugs. She is an 80% indica dominant strain, and one that is certain to invoke relaxation and euphoria.


The bud I purchased looked pristine, rich in trichome development while also boasting strong saturated green tones contrasting with bright orange pistils. The dense nature of the bud was testament to a quality grow (of course assisted by the Indica genetics). It broke apart beautifully in the hand and grinder, while still boasting the stickiness one associates with a quality bud. A variety of shades of green across the bud added a lot to the appearance.

Taste & Aroma

This strain exudes pure pungence and for anyone who is a fan of the classic Cheese smell, Super Cheese is a pleasure to the senses bringing that musky scent in abundance. Once smoked, the flavours come to the party and bring with them some rather interesting notes, there is the classic Cheese taste, but with a slight citrus flavour that is both sweet and sour on the pull. One can only imagine how amazing a curing jar with this strain in would smell a few weeks into the process.

The High

Euphoria kicks in first within just a few minutes of your first hit. You can expect to feel calm, relaxed and blissful and that’s certainly what I came across. Initially, the high was surprisingly cerebral for an indica, yet after 15 or so minutes the body high kicked in hard. I find myself struggling to keep my eyes open, I had been enveloped in a mental cloud of content, while my body was now doing something similar. My legs had grown heavy and there was no way I was getting out of bed. The sleepy aspect of this high could be a downer for those looking to be productive, however if you’re looking for a quality body high that is going to reduce your pain, then it’s a no-brainer.

Overall, I wasn’t sure if I liked the high due to the almost couch-lock effects, but when dosed in the correct setting and with the right intent, Super Cheese can prove to be a master in its field.

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