Super Cheese

Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Indica/Sativa: Indica

Super Cheese is a cross between standard Cheese and the Exodus Cheese phenotype, creating what is one of the most pungent and ultimately Cheesy strains available. Bred by Positronics in Amsterdam, this indica dominant strain can produce THC levels up to 25% and brings with it a unique smoking experience. This is a strain that is typically harsh by nature, as discussed in the taste section below…


This bud came looking exactly like you’d expect from a Cheese strain, an extremely dense nug which was also exceptionally well trimmed. Dark orange hairs coated the bud and the calyxes were wrapped tight around it. Trichome development was good, covering most of the bud. Colouration was also on point and still retained some green colouration, without excessive chlorophyll. It ground up beautifully and had evidently been well dried, without there being anything over-dried.

Taste & Aroma

The smell of this strain is unbelievable. Every time we smoke on some Super Cheese we’re reminded of just how dank it comes across. You can expect a pungent Cheese smell, while bringing with it some unusual and hard to pin sour scents. This bud smelled like it had just come out the jar, without any loss of aroma.

The taste of this bud blew us away, perhaps the strongest Cheese experience I’ve had. The smoke is notoriously harsh, which can sometimes be confused by those unfamiliar with this strain as perhaps a curing or flushing issue. In many cases that burn you feel in your throat is part of the Super Cheese experience (which may be unpleasant for some). Our experience aligned with previous Super Cheese experiences, with a strong Cheese taste right off the bat, along with additional sour flavours.


A strong body high can be expected with this strain, which tends to start with a relaxing of the eyes, followed by a wave of bodily relaxation that leaves you feeling peaceful. My chronic pain was certainly alleviated within 10 minutes of onset, and I found myself feeling completely euphoric, somewhat like that given by opiates. Despite the body high, there is still a strong cerebral effect too. The high lasted at least 90 minutes.

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