Strawberry Cheesecake

Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Grow: Indoor Aquaponics

Strawberry Cheesecake, also known as Strawberry Cake is a 70% Indica dominant strain from Heavyweight Seeds. This unbelievable dessert strain exists thanks to the crossing of three well known classic strains in White Widow, Chronic and Cheese. These three strains ended up in producing a unique sweet, strawberry pheno which is the hallmark of the Strawberry Cheesecake.

This particular bud was grown using aquaponics, though of course worth noting that grow medium isn’t directly linked to bud quality. However, this grow was truly one of top shelf quality.




The visual appearance of this bud was outstanding with A-grade trichome presentation that shimmered liked glitter as the light hit it. The density was about par for the course, and the colouration was difficult to call considering the bud was so densely coated in trichomes, but looked good.

Aroma & Taste

Drying and curing both seemed to be done perfectly with the strain retaining all desired aromas even before grinding and moisture content being spot on as well. This strain brought with it an unforgettable array of fruity, strawberry like scents which dominated with sharp, sweet notes — reminiscent of Strawberry Nesquik. One of the top 3 best smelling strains we have sampled without a doubt. The taste was equally as satisfying, with an initial Cheese taste on the pull which gives way to a sweet, fruity exhale and aftertaste.



Potent. Really fucking potent. Despite Leafly reviews calling it a subtle, this hit us like a truck, coming on initially with a pressure on the temples and then slowly melts both your body and mind. This is one of only two cases where we’d put the joint down and kept some for a bit later because we were already sitting at a 10. I found my body feeling extremely relaxed, while a previous psychedelic experience I had was triggered slightly in the form of peripheral warping, something I only experience when extremely high. There seems to be little consensus between users as to the side effects, but I definitely found some paranoia personally, and a triggering of appetite.

This is no cheap bud. However, knowing the experience provided by it — if money was no object, this would be a first choice.

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