spumoni weed


Supplied by: Trichoma

Spumoni is a lesser known, yet award winning strain which crosses Do-Si-Dos with Sunset Sherbet. The strain was the result of a collaboration between The Plug and Alien Labs. It placed second in the 2018 Cannabis Cup in the Indica category, surrendering the crown only to PhenoFinder’s “Wedding Cake”.


The bud presented with high quality trichome production, with trichome colouration indicating a solid harvesting time, with primarily cloudy appearance. Light orange pistils were sparse, providing more visualization of the moderately frosty appearance.

Taste & Aroma

This strain came across with a bouquet of unusual scents, with a combination of what can only describe as a dank, musky stink and a very sharp sweet note. The smell is definitely difficult to describe and finding an accurate analogy is tough, however there are some elements that come through from the Girl Scout Cookie genetics for sure.

The taste comes across similar to the scent, with a sweet initial taste, followed by a pungent musky exhale. The smoke seemed to sting the pallet, though not in the same way as an uncured or unflushed harvest does. The ash burned grey/white and remained lit without any issue.

spumoni weed

spumoni strain


Not the hardest hitting strain that we’ve had from Trichoma, the Spumoni high didn’t knock us on our asses, but instead provided a gentle and nursing high that left us feeling calm and relaxed, a very Indica feel with an uncontrollable lowering of the eyelids. There didn’t seem to be much focus to the high and instead easy distraction seemed like a hallmark. There was certainly munchies tied to this high, and we both found our appetites increased, something also likely inherited from the GSC genetics in the Sunset Sherbet parent.

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