sour jack

Sour Jack

sour jack

Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Indica / Sativa: Sativa Dominant

This was our first time trying the goodies from the guys over at 420Monkeys, but we were thoroughly impressed. The bud came sealed in their own plastic containers, with colour coded lids to differentiate the quality. While some may oppose the use of plastic, it is claimed to be a more biodegradable material than regular plastic. The first strain that we picked out was some Sour Jack greenhouse. Sour Jack is a cross between the legendary Jack Herer and the equally as popular Sour Diesel. With both parents being well known for their prime sativa leaning genetics, it was sure that Sour Jack would be an excellent sativa smoke.


Out the container, this bud looked great for an affordable greenhouse strain. The trimming was good, the bud was tried to perfection and saw impressive trichome coverage. Dark orange, almost brown pistils wrapped the extremely dense nug.

Taste & Aroma

Good lord! What an amazing bouquet of sweet citrus. This strain exudes a potent blend of citrus fruit aromas, with grapefruit, oranges and lemons featuring prominently. It was already loud out of the container, but after being in the grinder, it took it to a whole new level. Sour Jack is rich in the d-Limonene and Myrcene terpene profiles.

The taste of this strain was slightly woody, but also bringing with it some of the citrus flavour from the smell, as well as some light additional gassy scent from the Sour Diesel parent. It wasn’t very harsh on the throat at all and quite smooth, impressively so for a greenhouse nug.

sour jack strain


The high was just as expected with a strong sativa strain. After smoking, I was able to focus and remain energized and motivated. It was certainly uplifting too and could prove a useful mood boost, in particular for those looking to remain productive in the process. We found the joint we shared to keep us buzzing for a good hour and a half or so.

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