Sour Diesel

Acquired From: Private Sale

Bred from Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91, despite having been around for decades, this strain really took root in recent years, with the legalization of cannabis in some American states. When one thinks about popular top shelf weed from the past 5 years, Sour Diesel is up there with Girl Scout Cookies. Sour Diesel is a Sativa dominant plant with some amazing phenotypes.

We purchased our bud through a private sale, at a fairly high price, as we’d been wanting to get our hands on some indoor Sour Diesel for a while now. We were a little shocked to discover that despite the premium price, the weed itself had been stressed into hermaphrodization, and came with some seeds. Despite the plants problem with seeds, it still managed to produce a great looking bud. The rich trichome development was paired with a very distinct and unique, dark orange to almost maroon coloured pistils. From the bud we managed to extract 9 seeds, and while this may be a negative in the grand scheme of bud quality, I was more than happy to get some free Sour Diesel genetics.

Taste & Smell

The aroma of this weed was out of this world, a combination of pungent diesel mixed with a very sweet scent that separated it from the other pungent strains. It is easy to smell the Super Skunk genes in this plant.

The Smoke

The smoke was surprisingly smooth, on both inhale and exhale we found it to be gentle and welcoming. The taste of this strain was rather weak in comparison to the strong aroma it was giving off, with the taste being that of a more of a piney and earthy combination, though certainly not unpleasant.

The High

This strain scores big points with it’s high. An absolute beast when it comes to combating anxiety and depression, Sour Diesel will leave you feeling uplifted within a few minutes, and keep you in positive frame of mind. Thanks to the Sativa dominance, it does all this while also keeping you alert and energized.

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