skywalker og review strain

Skywalker OG

Supplied by: Cape Town Farms
Sativa/Indica: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Grow: Greenhouse

Skywalker OG is an Indica dominant cross of Skywalker and OG Kush. It is a high THC strain and when grown in optimal conditions, can often see THC tested at around the 25% mark. Given the lineage, it is no surprise that Skywalker is known to be one of the more sedating strains available.


Visually, the appearance was impressive with solid structure and density, along with very good trichome coverage. We’ve historically found that a lot of bud sold as greenhouse may lack an the frosty appearance, which this retained to a degree. There was a small amount of late flower stress, however no developed seeds were found at all. The moisture content was a little lacking, being just a touch over dried, though this was minimal and didn’t affect the ability to roll as the interior retained good moisture levels. Calyx colouration was vibrant, with dark orange pistils accenting them.

skywalker og

Taste & Aroma

The smell that Skywalker produces is unbelievably pleasant to those who enjoy a strong gassy scent. However, we only truly got to experience this scent once ground up, and prior to that there wasn’t much being given by the nug. Once crushed, a strong, sweet yet sharp gassy scent invades the sinuses with an additional spicy element. It is truly a sharp diesel scent that gets brought through, likely from the Chem Dawg genetics in the OG Kush parent. The taste heavily mirrors the aroma, and with it comes an amazingly diesel element that I found myself loving. Probably not the best choice if you don’t enjoy the more gassy strains however.


The high sets in almost immediately with a short burst of cerebral ignition with some dizzying lightheadedness, before setting into a strong and relaxed body high. Definitely not a strain for social interaction, this is a great option for a night at home with some movies lined up. Medicinally, it offers excellent pain and stress relief with its heavy Indica lineage. Make sure you have some snacks on hand as we found it a big appetite enhancer.


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