Shark Shock

Shark Shock pictured center, with Master Kush on either side
Acquired From: Private Sale

Shark Shock is a strain that has been around a long time, but isn’t found on many menus. It’s an 80/20 indica dominant hybrid which brings with it the sativa elements of its lineage in a way that allows for a beautiful balance. The strain is bred from White Widow and Skunk#1, two renowned strains with their own world famous phenotypes. I went into this strain blind, as one of the local plugs had it for sale for a couple weeks.


Visually, Shark Shock didn’t stand out from the Master Kush we acquired at the same time and didn’t show the same frosty trichome visuals that its parent plant White Widow does. However, it certainly wasn’t bad looking bud and packed more than enough resin to look appealing to both smokers and rosin pressers alike. Moderate pistil production separated it from the heavier haired Master Kush we had with it.

Taste & Aroma

The smell of this strain was a sweet pleasant odor, mixed with the alluring pungence of its parent plant, Skunk#1. Once in the mouth, this strain was musky and pungent on the tongue, but also with a hint of chemical or petrol-like scent, a note that I didn’t see referenced by many others reviewers of this strain. It was definitely a quality smoke and thoroughly enjoyable in both scent and taste.

The High

While Shark Shock offered quality in the other departments, the high is where this strain really showed its worth. With an 80% indica dominant hybrid, I was expecting to fall asleep shortly after the joint, but instead the sativa chemotypes brought down through the lineage offered focus and energy to the mind, while also relaxing the body and leaving us calm, relaxed and even euphoric. The body effects of this strain are wonderful, and if you’re suffering from pain you’ll find that Shark Shock can almost certainly provide some relief. This strain offered what I can consider to be my personal favourite combination of effects, and certainly one of my favourite indica dominant strains.

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