RAW Classic Connoisseur


When it comes to rolling papers, reviewing them can be a little daunting. Smokers tend to form an inexplicable attachment to their paper of choice, and in this case there’s no doubt I’ll be stepping on some toes in the process. RAW Classic are extremely popular papers and favoured by a large number of smokers, they come in a variety of iterations including the connoisseur, which is a slim, unbleached paper which has glowing reviews online. With the popularity of this paper, I was expecting something great, but in turn was left confused.

Packaging & Appearance

The appearance of these papers is wonderful, a slightly textured paper which is visibly thin stored inside of a unique packaging which contains a small elastic string to seal the box up after use. The branding works well and portrays the organic feel that they are no doubt wanting to push with their usage of the term RAW. The package came with filter papers, which is always useful.



When it came to rolling, the RAW Classic Connoisseur did remarkably well too. The paper is thin, but yet is still a pleasure to roll, even for newer smokers who may not yet be too versed in the art. The joint sealed well too, so we didn’t experience any problems with the rolling process at all.

Smoke & Burn

Once lit, the RAW papers burnt quite well too. There were a few cases where it felt a little bit fast, but for the most part was on par with other premium rolling papers. On the topic of taste however, we certainly tasted the paper and received a little bit of burn in the throat. To rule out the strain, we used the same strain as we did for the OCB Premium review, and the smoke was certainly different. There was a slight paper taste on the drag that was hard to ignore, this was something we found surprising given the glowing reviews of RAW papers we’ve seen on social media and internet reviews. We even rolled another joint a few days later to make sure that it wasn’t just an irregularity of some sort.


While I would love to say that the RAW performed well in the tests (which it did, relatively speaking), it is tough to recommend these papers over the OCB Ultimate. With that said, these papers come in a fair bit cheaper than the OCB Ultimate, which may be worth mentioning for those with a budget.

RAW Classic Connoisseur


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