Purple Afghan Kush

Supplied by: 420Monkeys

Not to be confused with Purple Afghani (from Afghan landrace), Purple Afghan Kush is a Dinafem genetic which crosses Purple Kush with pre-98 Bubba Kush to create a pure indica strain which offers a truly amazing body high. This bud falls into the “Semi-Indoor” category, a term which has caused a bit of debate. Semi-indoor seems similar to what Trichoma sell as Premium, essentially grows that fall short of being able to be sold in the ‘top shelf’ category.


This PAK came in three dense nugs which showed relatively good trichomes. There weren’t any seeds or signs of stress in the bud that we could see, and overall the appearance was good. We were hoping for more of the purple hues typical with this strain. There were some darker parts, but didn’t really stand out as identifiable as PAK.

Taste & Smell

Before grinding, this strain bud still maintained its smell fairly well. The scent was that of sweet fruits, along with a heavy earthy tone. When smoked, the taste came through with initial low notes like that of an earthy taste, but then came to life with sharp fruit taste, almost pineapple in nature. An amazingly smooth smoke that could easily pass through one’s nose with minimal burn.


This pure indica strain lived up to expectations with an immediate heavy high that left us feeling relaxed and sleep, and resulting in an early night. Purple Afghan Kush doesn’t provide a very cerebral high, however it really comes to the party with its body high. A perfect strain for those looking to achieve pain relief or relaxation without too much of a mental high.

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