Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant
Grow: Indoor

There is often a bit of confusion between Purple Afghan Kush and Purple Afghani. Some times these two strains are lumped together, and sources have variations on the lineage of both of these two names. Purple Afghan Kush is a Dinafem genetic with supposed rich fruity flavours, while Purple Afghani seems to be more of a Cheese-like scent with deeper notes in general. This bud, in our experience seemed to align with the characteristics of Purple Afghani, more than the fruity Dinafem genetic, though we can’t be certain.


The appearance of the bud was good in quality, though not perfect with some duller colouration, lacking density and was slightly over-dried and crunched a bit in the grinder. It fell about middle of the pack with the trichomes too, but was far from a bad looking bud, just not quite as good as the other stock from them (check out our recent reviews).

Taste & Aroma

The aroma wasn’t fruity, but instead offered an earthy almost skunk-like sourness. There were some sweet elements in the smell, but they weren’t the base of the scent and rather added as complimentary notes to the lower base note, an almost flowery scent.

The dry pull was quite mellow in taste, but slightly woody.

The taste was a combination of earthy low notes, along with that of slightly more floral tastes. The smoke itself was mostly smooth and a pleasure to smoke, no noticeable sting to the throat or sinus.


We were expecting a strong, heavy indica effect from the start but this high was more of a slow release. Initially we remained quite functional with upliftment and light euphoria. As time passed, the stony effects became more evident. The body high began to really kick in after about 30 to 45 minutes, where the euphoria increased along with the release of tense muscles. It provided a good relaxing state, though did also give a bit of dry mouth in the process.

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