Platinum OG

Supplied by: 420Monkeys

Platinum OG is the result of breeding two legendary Kush strains in OG Kush and Master Kush, creating an indica dominant hybrid with only small traces of sativa in the lineage, which brings with it relaxing and euphoric effects. This is a hard hitting strain with THC values often exceeding 25%. The strain typically has two dominant monoterpene profiles in Linalool, Myrcene. Making it a solid choice for those looking to combat inflammation and chronic pain.


This Platinum OG slid out the container as a dense, solid nug displaying lengthy trichomes on the calyx and light orange pistils wrapped to the bud. The bud may have been slightly drier than some prefer, though this may also be due to the fact that Platinum OG is noted as not being a sticky strain, despite trichome richness. Colouration wasn’t very bright and vibrant with mostly pale tones, though colouration is an interesting topic in itself, as well cured strains will often lose a lot of their colour as chlorophyll breaks down over the process.

Taste & Aroma

Fresh out the container, this strain was one of the least potent out of our selection — though not too surprising given that the natural flavours from this strain lie more along the lines of woody, pine and earthy.

Once crushed, the bud was revived, and the scent came through much stronger with clear evidence of ‘Pinene’, another terpene profile that brings a classic pine scent.

On the inhale we got light earthy notes, which developed into a stronger wood taste, which was almost like that of oak. There was also more of the pine and wood taste later on the exhale. The smoke was rather smooth, and didn’t have much evidence of throat burn.


As stated, she’s a hard hitting strain and it definitely set in quickly with the kind of body high one can expect from an indica. However, Platinum OG separates itself from the more stoney indica dominant kush strains by providing one with a more alert, active and focused mental high. While some report this strain to be good for bed, I found myself too active, albeit relaxed to consider sleeping.

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