Pineapple Chunk

Acquired From: Private Sale
Indica/Sativa: 80/20

This strain is bred by the renowned Barney’s Farm, and has its lineage in Cheese, Skunk #1 and Pineapple strains. It is enjoyed by growers for its toughness against mold and disease. Pineapple Chunk has a fast flowering time of between 7 and 8 weeks and also can give up to 600 grams per square meter outdoors. She is an 80% indica strain, so one can expect a lot of your typical indica effects.


We had bought a 1 gram nug, which appeared as one would expect with a standard high grade indoor product, the bud wasn’t the most dense, but rich trichome development around the bud brought life to the otherwise dull green sugar leaves and dark orange pistils. This particular plant had been trimmed fairly loosely, though not enough for the bud to appear unusual in any sense.


This strain blasts you with a combination of skunky musk while also hitting you with the sweet notes of the Pineapple. The parent’s genetics definitely come through in both the aroma and the taste. This is a really great smelling strain, a bit of a variety pack.


On the tongue, this strain is very similar to its aroma. A woody, slightly pungent taste first hits you and then you are left with taste of pineapple in your mouth. I didn’t find that the pineapple taste came on as strong as some of the blueberry strains do, however it was still a lovely, unusual taste.


Despite being an indica dominant hybrid, a lot of the effects brought forward from its parents are more sativa leaning. Highs are often said to be focused and even energetic. My personal experience was similar, and I can remember being very talkative on this strain, something that I don’t often get. It was still relaxing to the body though I found, and both mind and body were moved into a calmer place.

One doesn’t find Pineapple Chunk too often, but if you’re looking for something slightly exotic but not too popular, it could be worth giving a try. This strain didn’t hit all the marks with the appearance, but quality and unique taste and smell in combination with an all-round enjoyable high, makes this strain worth trying.

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