Peanut Butter Cup (CannaPop)

Supplied by: CannaPop via Med420

The CannaPop Peanut Butter Cup is a moderate to fairly high dose edible which comes in a rich decadent form. Appearance wise, the chocolate appears smooth like a ganache. The top of the peanut butter cup is decoated with some sprinkles, marshmallow fluff and smarties.

Once bitten into, the appearance carries over into the mouth feel with the smooth, rich chocolate working excellently with the peanut butter interior. The richness of the chocolate is tamed by the peanut butter taste, ensuring that it’s not completely overbearing. Still, this edible remains rich and is definitely for those who enjoy a sweeter treat to medicate with.


Due to the fairly high dosage of the edible, we did expect some infusion taste, and although present particularly in the aftertaste, the lingering peanut butter flavour helps contain the infusion taste as well, as it coats the pallet.

The high from this edible kicked in after about an hour, with a fairly quick onset. The initial high was functioning and balanced, a few hours in there was a clear increase in appetite while the latter period of the high provided the often present body high. My partner, who was the one testing this product soon found herself having a short afternoon nap as the body high washed over her. It seemed like a good idea for a late evening dose, whereby you can enjoy the more cerebral early effects, while also make use of the later body high in assisting with sleep.

peanut butter cup review

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