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Pachamama Seeds don’t consider themselves a seed bank as such, and instead classify themselves as an association of professional breeders, who are looking to bring quality genetics at an affordable price. You may wonder about the name, but it is in fact fitting as Pachamama was an Incan goddess who represents the earth, farming, harvest & fertility. Pachamama Seeds are based in South Africa, ensuring that you’re supporting both local dispatchers of seeds, as well as local breeders involved in the company.

We recently had a request to review some of the genetics by Pachamama, and so we reached out and received a sample package for review.

Customer Service

Received, was a sealed 3-pack of Bob Marley, as well as singles of Jack Herer Auto and Super Silver Haze. Shipping was fast and efficient and Azie from the company was friendly and stayed in touch about the delivery. The company’s Facebook page boasts an impressive 4.9 rating out of 80 reviews, suggesting that the positive experience we had in communication is something that is standard with their service.

Pachamama definitely offers affordable genetics, with prices generally in the R100 a seed range, about half that of some of the other seed distributors. The genetics are imported from their sister company in Spain. The affordable prices make Pachamama an especially popular choice for those first starting to grow. However, their genetics transcend experience and we’ve seen some highly skilled growers harvesting quality crops from Pachamama genetics.


The sealed packs come in a branded Pachamama box & the other singles came in unbranded boxing. The singles packaging came with the seed being contained in a corked glass vial, placed inside a cardboard box with sticker seal. The glass vial is a nice touch after having mostly been working with plastic seed containers; in addition it is also more environmentally friendly. On the topic of green packaging, while vast majority of the packaging is biodegradable, the bubble-wrap (while required to keep the seeds safe in their glass vials) may come across as less than ideal for the more militant environmentally friendly growers. The branding is something that Azie says they are also currently looking at improving.


The genetics part of the review will be updated on the website as the grows complete over the next several months, however thus far the seeds that I have popped have all germinated successfully.

Pachamama doesn’t have the largest selection of strains, however this is something they are constantly adding to and just in recent weeks alone we saw the addition of several new strains to the menu.

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