Orange Kush

Supplied by: Cape Town Farms
Sativa/Indica: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Grow: Indoor

Orange Kush is a strain that sees Green Devil Genetics crossing the potent and legendary OG Kush with Dutch Passion’s ‘Orange Bud’. The result is strong Indica leaning hybrid which brings with it the powerful effects of OG Kush, but with the flavour profile of Orange Bud.


Out the jar, this bud looked dense with decent colouration, there were a couple of trim areas which showed a little yellow, but other than that the bud had life to it. Trichome development was good with one of the two nugs showing extremely packed trichs. It may have been a touch dryer than some may like, though nothing significant by any means. The bud was free from stress seeds, however there was 1 or 2 locations showing mild late flower stress.

Taste & Aroma

Before grinding, the nug was already giving off mild orange aroma, over a backdrop of low Kush notes. Once ground up, the Orange Bud genetics came through more, hiding the earthy Kush aroma with a sweetness.

The dry pull brought with it the orange taste we experienced in the smell, which was only then accentuated once lit. The pull was mostly smooth, with a slight warmth to the pallet. The hold really brought through the orange flavours, and the closest analogue we could think of, was the taste of an orange Paddle Pop frozen loli. A rich and almost sweetened orange taste. The exhale brought with it, those OG Kush low notes with a heavy earthy/pine release.


The high was more potent than we had anticipated and came in with a feeling of heaviness around the eyes. This then took over the body in a relaxation that spread over us. Despite the definite body high, I found that I had enhanced creativity and even focus, something I’m not used to with such heavy Indica strains. It feels however, that a full joint would probably result in a fairly potent couch lock, instead we just got the munchies!

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