Acquired From: Homegrown
Sativa / Indica: Sativa Dominant
Genetics: Short Term Amnesia (Soma’s Amnesia Haze x LowRyder) *1 X Hindu Kush *2 X Durban Skunk *3

This homegrown Ogre autoflower was certainly an interesting strain, it was sold as a large plant with massive yields and yet our experience with the plant was the opposite. This was more than likely due to excessive training I did which stunted the growth, and I will definitely be giving this genetic another run and treating it a bit gentler.

The strain is a sativa dominant hybrid with lineage in both Kush and Skunk. Her buds are the frostiest I have grown, and even from week 4 of flower the sugar leaves were already coated in trichomes. The strain has an extremely good turn-around time and was harvested within 70 days.

Taste & Aroma

Once well cured, this strain came to life magnificently. The flower let off a sweet citrus scent, mixed with hints of skunk. Once crushed, it becomes almost overwhelming to the senses, offering a variety of different notes. The dry pull is a sour citrus taste, while the flavour of the bud once lit became almost floral in nature. A very sweet taste that still retained those skunky elements on the exhale. It was extremely smooth and seemed to gently float into one’s lungs.

The High

The sativa elements were certainly present in the high and seemed to primarily be a head high. This strain caters both to laughter and upliftment and towards introspective thinking should you wish to put on your headphones and let your mind wander. There are still body high elements and the strain was still relaxing. The high overall seemed well-rounded, but definitely more for those who are after a head high.

Make sure that you have some snacks with you when smoking this bud, cause it will have you reaching for the munchies within the first 30 minutes.

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