OCB Ultimate Slims

OCB Ultimate slims are claimed to be the thinnest rolling papers available anywhere in the world, using advanced technology to create a set of papers than each weigh in at less than 10 grams per square meter. This cellulose based paper comes in a pack of 32 with an equal amount of matching filter tips included in the package.

Packaging & Appearance

OCB truly outdo themselves on their premium packaging and the OCB Ultimates are another example of a brilliant looking box. A dark blue background in accented with subtle patterns and complimentary orange colouration. The package seals well after use with minimal effort. A holographic OCB logo on the package adds some extra flare.

The papers themselves are great looking too. Maybe not as visually appealing as something like a Glass paper, but the extra thin paper allows for translucency through to the contents.


Unfortunately there is a price to pay for smoking the thinnest paper in the world. Because OCB Ultimate are so thin,they can be a challenge to roll ans certainly not going to be easy for novice rollers. Aside from the difficulty for beginner rollers, most skilled rollers won’t have any trouble.

Smoke & Burn

These papers offer an excellent, steady burn, similar to that of the other OCB varieties. Despite being so thin, we didn’t have any issues with tar leaks or saturation through the paper.

We could also notice that we had a fraction of the tainted burning paper test than we get from regular rolling papers. These ultra thin papers are great for the connoisseurs who want to get the most pure weed flavours from their smoke.

These are going to be my primary papers going forward and I can definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a quality paper. The only negative for some may be the use of cellulose instead of hemp.

OCB Ultimate Slim


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