Northern Vision Strain

Northern Vision

Acquired from: Trichoma

We recently acquired several new strains from Trichoma, with Northern Vision being the first top shelf sampled from our order. Northern Vision is a strain which has an fascinating backstory. The strain has a background which is based more on lore than fact, but it’s theorized that the strain came from a large number of strains from the West Coast of US. What is known of the strain is that it is a small plant with high yields, and an indica dominant plant. It is said to be the backbone for dozens of strains that followed. For more information on the history of the strain you can also read this.

Here’s what I can tell you about the flower from my first hand experience.


The Northern Vision (Top Shelf) was definitely one of the better looking buds from our order, the product came inside of a single 1 gram glass container. The presentation was definitely a positive, having your nug sitting in its own dedicated glass jar is somewhat satisfying.

The appearance of the nug itself was of good quality, though some may find it a bit leafy, depending on your trimming preferences. It was mostly dense with primarily a green appearance (slight sign of the flush in a couple yellow sugar leaves). Rufous coloured pistils were in fair amount and trichome development appeared good.


Out of the jar the scent wasn’t very strong, but once crushed — god damn! The aroma of this strain was beautiful, unique and extremely chaotic in its complexities. It first comes on as a sweet and almost citrus scent but then evolves into a slightly petrol scent, but mixed with a menthol type scent. It scored big in this department.


A dry drag before lighting gave us a complex citrus taste. Once lit, the flavour came through stronger, in what can mostly be described as a nostalgic taste somehow related to your childhood. We had three different people try this joint and all parties were left wondering where they knew the taste from. It was most certainly pleasurable and was a mixture primarily of a sweet citrus taste, combined with a smokey/wood flavour.

The High

It may have not looked super frosty, but this Northern Vision packs a punch! After a few drags I was immediately feeling a cerebral high, I found myself easily distracted. My body was relaxed, as can be expected from the heavy indica roots of this strain. Time had slowed down immensely at one point and it began hard to keep up with my perception of time. There was most certainly euphoria in the high and we found ourselves a bit giggly and uplifted too. There was a little bit of anxiety related to it, and it felt like more of a “Stay at home and watch movies” high than it did a social high.

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