Northern Lights

Supplied by: 420Monkeys
Indica/Sativa: Indica

Northern Lights is a truly classic strain, bred by what is now Sensi Seeds in the mid 1980s. This heavy indica strain dominated the cannabis industry for years, serving as a staple choice for those looking to receive a strong body high and subsequent pain and stress relief. Not only has Northern Lights stood the test of time, but it is also to thank for the development of another popular strain, Super Silver Haze. Northern Lights is a result of crossing both Thai and Afghani landraces.


Our bud appeared generally good for a greenhouse purchase, colouration wasn’t bad with moderate saturation. It wasn’t the most dense bud we’ve had, but Northern Lights isn’t the most dense of buds typically. Trichome development was about on par with what I’d expect for a good outdoor or tunnel grow, while we only discovered 2 immature seeds in the bud.


Taste & Aroma

The initial smell was weak, but once ground up we were able to easily pick up on the strong, deep earthy tones with a late sweet, piney scent. Not the most exotic smelling strain, but true to what can be expected from the genetics.

The taste mirrored the scent heavily, with a slightly larger uptake on the sweetness. The exhale held the most flavour for us as earthy flavours lingered on the pallet.


With its heavy indica bias, we knew going into it that this was going to be a body high. With us both suffering from chronic pain, it was truly surprising to see how well the effects came into play for the visual quality. Northern Lights is known for its ability to ease pain and stress with just a small dose, and our experience seemed to indicate the same. After 3 bowls, I found myself completely relaxed, sliding further into a sleeping position each minute that past. Would highly recommend Northern Lights to anyone suffering from chronic pain, nausea or stress. The strain was also fairly psychoactive, which I found a surprise.


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