Northern Lights x Big Bud

Acquired from: Private Sale

Northern Lights x Big Bud (sometimes referred to as Northern Big Bud) is an Indica strain which needs blends together the legendary Northern Lights strain with the popular strain Big Bud. This 100% Indica plant grows small, but yields a good amount of resin covered buds on harvest.  The Northern Lights x Big Bud is a fairly old strain, as could have been assumed by the fact that both parent strains were big players of the 1980s. Potency is far from modern strains, generally around the 18% mark, but packs a surprisingly hard punch. Also of note, especially for those dosing medicinally, this strain often clocks in at over 5% CBD.


Visually, our indoor grown Northern Lights looked like one would expect from the genetics. While not being a snow-white bud sometimes seen in modern phenotypes, the Northern Lights x Big Bud still offers solid trichome presentation in combination with dark green bud with dark pistils. This particular bud looked like it may have been flushed a couple days early, but overall was not a bad looking nug.

Aroma & Taste

This strain boasts an absolutely alluring aroma, blending together a number of different scents. There is an unmistakable scent of Cheese, but also with very sweet notes that differentiate it from a lot of Cheese smelling strains, there is also an almost fruity scent to it.

The dry pull gave a fruity sweet taste, which when lit evolved into a taste of cheese, wood and also an almost perfume-like taste. The woody taste definitely came out more in the smoke, and was almost like that of oak.  Northern Lights x Big Bud truly pleases the senses.

The High

After just a few drags, I began to feel this stain taking effect. The first effects were feeling as though my eyelids were being pulled shut, something not surprising given that the plant is a full indica. Despite feeling the body effects, I found that my mind was still uplifted. There is definitely a sense of couch lock, but without the sleepiness that sometimes comes with it. Instead, we found ourselves laughing hysterically.

The high was much stronger than I had expected, but the strength was certainly enjoyable and welcomed. I did have some dizziness and constant feelings of falling when closing my eyes. Though I don’t see these as negative side effects, but rather just part of the high.

In conclusion, I can definitely recommend Northern Lights x Big Bud to anyone looking for a strong indica. Additionally, for someone looking for a high CBD dose, but wants to get destroyed at the same time — this strain can certainly get you there. It may be a little tough to find, given that it’s a rather older strain, but recommended none the less.

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