Mountain Girl

Supplied by: 420Monkeys

Mountain Girl is a strain by Pilot Farm, which crosses Willy’s Wonder, Granddaddy Purple, and White Widow. It is a hybrid strain which comes with both indica and sativa effects, with upliftment being the standard feature of the high. Despite this bud being an indoor grown version, Mountain Girl is typically considered an outdoor or greenhouse strain that needs a lot of light.


Mountain Girl genetically, isn’t the most dense of strains and the bud we reviewed was certainly not very dense. It resembled a bud that was grown under cheaper LEDs, rather than under higher intensity lighting. Though with this said, it could just be the fact that it is noted to do better under sunlight. It certainly wasn’t ugly by any means, with vibrant orange pistils taking up much of the exterior. Colouration was very good, and appeared fresh. Trichomes were average, nothing too frosty but nothing to be upset over.


Aroma & Taste

The initial aroma came across as an unusual fruity hint, though somewhat masked by what seemed like a slight chlorophyll scent, like that sometimes found in bud that hasn’t been properly cured. Though with that in mind, this could just be related to the natural scents, which leafly have listed as “Tree Fruits”. With the chlorophyll remnant, we were expecting a harsh smoke, yet this strain smoked beautifully, allowing for easy nasal exhales without any burn or irritation. The taste was extremely mild, nothing too flavourful, but instead came across as a light earthy taste.


This strain didn’t knock us on our ass, but instead provided us with a moderate strength high. The high itself was certainly a pleasant one and one that caters well towards activities. There was certainly upliftment and giggling being one of the first onsets. There was certainly some laziness and almost couch lock later on in the high, so I don’t know if I’d recommend for socializing, but certainly for sitting at home watching movies or series.


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