monkey cheese

Monkey Cheese

Supplied by: Cape Town Farms
Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
Grow: Indoors

Monkey Cheese is a cross between Blue Cheese and Grease Monkey, two strains which are known for their relaxing properties. Grease Monkey being a cross between GG#4 and Cookies and Cream. There is very little information available online for Monkey Cheese.


The bud provided weighed in a bit light at 0.7g, however this is likely due to it being a review sample. Visibly, it carried with it distinct dark hairs which flowed across the vibrant light green calyxes. Trichome production was good, though there were a few areas which were visibly less densely filled than others. The density of the bud was within the good to very good range. The trichome colouration looked spot on with about 20-30% amber trichomes. The bud was very sticky when handled, another pleasant experience when packing the grinder.

monkey cheese strain

Taste & Aroma

Before being crushed, the smell came through moderately with a strong Cheese scent, but was also accompanied by a sharper gassy scent too, almost sweet in nature. Once crushed, these smells intensified with more emphasis on the gassy scent.

Once lit, the inhale came across as sharp and almost resembled the same sensation that Super Cheese tends to give, with the sting at the back of the throat. It is sometimes tough to differentiate the sensation with that of a slightly under-flushed plant or too little curing. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, just not quite as smooth as the Orange Kush we recently reviewed by them. The initial taste was that of low, deep Cheese notes, while the exhale brought with it the gassy taste. Different from most strains which start sharp on the inhale and are then lower on exhale.


The high was this strain seemed to lean on the Indica side, and there was definitely relaxation felt through the body shortly after smoking. However, we didn’t find ourselves sleepy, but rather in a state of mental upliftment with moderate body relaxation. It wasn’t the most potent smoke we’ve had, but seemed to bring with it a solid balance of effects which would work well for those looking to combat chronic pain or stress. The munchies were certainly very real on this.


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