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This review is a little different to any we’ve done before, as we’re receiving a service and not a product, something that we hope to do more of in the future, in order to help the client base find the products they’re looking for, from trustworthy sources.

Med420 is unique in that they aren’t selling their own products, but rather acting as a central sales site for all your cannabis requirements, stocking a large collection of products from a number of local businesses. While they don’t stock flower, this can be understood given the current legal standings with product sales, and particular with the targeting of dry herb distributors. With that said, for a company that is still new they do have quite a good selection of products and do have concentrates and edibles available for purchase.

Their catalog spans everything from nutrients and seeds to glassware, topicals and then the aforementioned edibles and concentrates. It is honestly an enjoyable browsing experience and the fact that there are multiple company’s products listed makes it great for comparing pricing before you purchase. Being able to look at two different edible company’s products and decide which is the better buy for you.


The website is very professional and user friendly, we ran through it a few times just browsing through what was offered, as a client. As mentioned, there is quite a large range for such a newly established initiative and we imagine it will only evolve with time.

One may wonder why purchase through a ‘middle man’ instead of buying directly from the company, but the reality is that shipping isn’t cheap and being able to cut down on your shipping costs by ordering several items from different distributors, from one single source and have them shipped together is going to end up saving you a lot in the long run. This couples with the potential for on-site sales and the ability to easily compare products before making a choice.

Our ongoing CannaPop reviews were from edibles supplied through Med420, and we had nothing but a smooth process in acquiring them. Can definitely recommend checking them out, and stay tuned for more of the CannaPop reviews coming over the next week.

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