lemon tree strain

Lemon Tree

Supplied by: Trichoma
Sativa/Indica: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Grow: Indoor

Lemon Tree is an interesting genetic, for which there isn’t too much information online. Many had initially claimed it as a clone only strain, but was then later sold via THC Design as a seed. This strain is said to be a cross between Lemon OG and Sour Diesel, which would fit perfectly with the terpene profile we experienced with this bud. Some claim this to be a balanced hybrid, while THC Design advertise it as an Indica dominant strain.


The appearance of this bud was pure eye-candy and while purple colouration isn’t typical with this strain, this particular pheno really stood out from the norm, with rich purple colouration running along some of the bud. This purple colouration seems genetic and doesn’t appear to be induced by drops in temperature which can result in additional stress. Along with the purple tones, this bud was rich in green colouration and showed beautifully dense trichome clusters. There was 1 or 2 signs of late stage flowering stress, but this is extremely common with this strain, which is said to be a challenging grow.

lemon tree weed

lemon tree closeup

Taste & Aroma

The scent from this lies exactly where one could imagine with the cross. A combination of strong citrus scents and slight warm, sour smells are exhibited. Once smoked, the pull comes through with a strong lemon flavour, which is met with a gassy sharp exhale. The bud had been well flushed and cured, and burned pure white ash. Mycrene and Limonene are the two most common terpenes found within this strain.

lemontree strain


Some claim the high to be mild and good for beginners, but this strain didn’t seem mild by any means. The high was very pleasant and easy on those who may suffer from anxiety, with a calming and uplifting effect, which may aid in beginner smokers being able to withstand more than with a pure Sativa for instance. High starts off slightly more cerebral but body effects last long after the initial kick.


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