lemon kush

Lemon Kush

Supplied by: Cape Town Farms
Sativa/Indica: Balanced Hybrid
Grow: Greenhouse

Despite Lemon Kush typically exuding similar terpene profiles, the lineage is one that is said to vary between breeders. Two of the most commonly put forward lineages is Master Kush x Lemon Joy and then Alien Genetics’ Lemon G x Afghan Kush. It tends to test high in THC, typically between 15 and 25%. It is a balanced hybrid with an almost 50/50 Sativa/Indica ratio.


Visually this strain was what we’d expect from a greenhouse grow, showing good trichomes a bit more saturated colouration and then being extremely dense too. Long pistils that varied between different hues of orange wrapped were a unique feature of the bud. Drying and curing were also done well, ensuring a balanced moisture content.

lemon kush strain

Aroma & Taste

This strain smells like straight up Lemons, and is very similar to the aroma found in Lemon Haze, with both strains having a large ratio of the Limonene terpene. What was interesting was that despite the sharp citrus smell, the taste was definitely far more towards a warm, woody taste — which while a pleasure to smoke, was a bit forgettable in flavour profile. The dry and curing on this bud seemed excellent, as the smoke was extremely smooth and mild.


Despite what one may expect with the Kush-containing name, the high was very much cerebral and a lot like one would find with a Sativa dominant strain. There was an intently focused high, along with upliftment being a key effect. The high evolves over the course of about 10 minutes, starting gentle and ramping up. It was definitely a great strain to throw on some comedies for, it holds an almost nostalgic feeling, back to those early days when smoking. Despite the sativa dominance, the indica heritage does come through in the form of relaxation. Side effects came in the form of munchies and unbelievably potent cotton mouth.


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