Lemon Haze


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The High

A personal favourite, Lemon Haze is a readily available Sativa strain that provides energy boosts and a very cereberal high. Highs are long lasting and euphoric, perfect in low doses for those looking to remain productive. In larger quantities this strain can leave you exploring the depths of your own mind and take you on some awesome journeys. Highs are long lasting, and I find that this strain has me peaking at about 20 minutes in, but with effects still present up to 2 hours later. Dry mouth, dizziness and anxiety aren’t uncommon, but to be expected from a good Haze.


Lemon Haze is a pure Sativa that comes from a Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze cross. It has in many parts been replaced by Super Lemon Haze (Lemon Skunk & Super Silver Haze), however Lemon Haze is still found more readily available in South Africa typically as an outdoor strain. Whereas, Super Lemon Haze is typically found locally as an indoor.

When it comes to the senses, Lemon Haze is an absolute killer. Strong lemon, citrus scents will take over your senses and leave you feeling truly blessed by your bud. The smoke carries the aroma through to taste as well. You’re definitely going to enjoy this smoke.

lemon haze


Physically, Lemon Haze grows tall and thin as most Haze strains tend to do, but are quite resilient when growing. Their large size tends to make them a more preferred choice for outdoor growers than indoor. The buds aren’t as resin coated as many of the newer strains available, with Lemon Haze being a bit of an older strain. However, buds can still appear rich in trichomes and just because it doesn’t look like Fruity Pebbles doesn’t mean it isn’t a great smoke.

If you are yet to try this strain, and have an enjoyment for Sativas, keep an eye out on your local dispensaries and pick some up. Being that this strain tends to be found primarily as an outdoor strain, you can find it fairly readily, however unfortunately in some of the less controlled outdoor grows, you may find the true flavours and aromas of this strain paling in comparison to the indoor grown counterparts.

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