Lemon Chronic


Acquired from: Cape Town Farms

Thus far, we’ve only reviewed indoor strains. However, we hope to provide readers with some experience with both indoor and outdoor that is available. We picked up a few grams of various outdoor from Cape Town Farms, seeing what they have to offer the stoners on a budget. While some of the batches were unknown strains, the grower of this batch (selling for R40/g) claims that the strain is in fact Lemon Chronic (Chronic x White Widow). While it’s always tough to know how reliable strain claims are, this bud definitely fitted the flavour profiles.


The batch came in looking quite good. There was sufficient colouration of the bud, and removed it from the category of “jut” which is often found in the outdoor markets. I was impressed by the trichome development on the buds, and the fact that it didn’t look to have ever been bricked or quick-dried. There were a few seeds in the bud, but nothing excessive and what one should expect in the price bracket.

Taste & Aroma

What stood out most about this strain the strong citrus scent, a definite Limonene profile, with sweet notes to it too. Once smoked, the taste was closer to a piney, earthy taste with only remnants of the aroma carrying through. It would have been nicer to get the more intriguing profiles coming through in the taste. The Lemon Chronic breeder has stated that retaining the flavourful bouquet requires careful drying.

The High

Our highs from this bud were mostly parallel with our other outdoor purchases in terms of strength and provided a mellow high that allows for both day time or night time smoking, it didn’t give any kind of indica couch lock effects, while also not providing any particularly racing vibes as one would expect from more sativa leaning plants. It felt like a hybrid strain with its balance.

Overall, you’re going to get what can be described as decent mid level weed.

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