laffy taffy review

Laffy Taffy

Supplied by: IncrEdiblesbySam

These Cherry flavoured candy squares come in 5 gram segments, with 6 squared included in each pack. And while our experience with Incrediblesbysam’s products had been great, and we had thoroughly enjoyed the other edibles provided, these seemed to miss the mark for us. Perhaps it is down to personal taste, and we’d love to hear from others who have tried them to hear their thoughts, however we found these taffy squares to be lacking in many aspects.

Visually, they have a good appearance until any pressure is applied to them. Making them difficult to carry around at all. In the process of moving our packet we found that the slightest pressure and room temperature, had left much of the contents oozing out and making a bit of a tough mess to clean, and eating them wasn’t too much different with the texture not really landing the mark on what we’d consider taffy. Taffy tends to be a pliable consistency, while this seemed to break a part instead of stretch.

laffy taffy

The mouth feel mirrored the handling consistency, and didn’t come across the same way as a taffy would. Instead we found bits breaking off and proving very hard to remove from one’s teeth (in a different way to the sticky nature expected from a taffy), much softer and fluffier than taffy.

Taste wasn’t much better, and was almost more like a toothpaste experience than a candy one. There was no sweet, rich decadence to it and instead it tasted dull and artificial. We like the idea of this product, but in our opinion, the recipe, dosage and texture needs to be worked on a bit.

Given the dosage amount, we weren’t able to review the high as neither of us felt it.

Incrediblesbysam offer a lot of great products, and we can highly recommend them for those looking for low dose (in some cases under 10mg), tasty edibles. However, this is not a product we’d be able to recommend and would definitely suggest the Red Velvet Cake Bites instead.

Just a reminder that this was our shared subjective opinion, and doesn’t mean others may not enjoy the product.


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