Killer Queen

Supplied by: Trichoma
Indica/Sativa: Hybrid

Killer Queen is a balanced hybrid out of Canada. Created by Brothers Grimm, this strain crosses Cinderella 99 with G13 to establish a strain which brings with it the best of both the Indica and Sativa genetics.


Another quality top shelf nug from Trichoma, this bud came across beautifully with rich saturated tones of bright green and vibrant orange pistils. The trichome production was extremely good, perhaps not quite as frosty as the 99 Cook, yet still above average.


Taste & Aroma

Immediately, this strain knocked us back with some extremely sharp notes, sweet and fruity with an almost gassy scent lingering in the nostrils. These sharp, sweet notes can be traced back to both parent strains. The dry pull was a sweet fruity taste, and once lit the smoke continued to carry these fruity flavours. The inhale brings with it the sharp notes, while the exhale comes across as earthy and brings the lower flavour profiles.



Killer Queen finds itself with an excellent balanced high, which starts out with the initial weight behind the eyes which then washes over you with more Indica driven relaxation. Once my body had found some relief from chronic pain, it brought with it an additional wave of more Sativa-like effects, boosting creativity and social interaction. There is a clear euphoria brought with it that finds itself accompanied by a general uplifting effect. A great high for remaining productive, and one that would serve great for chronic pain sufferers looking to both relieve pain and allow them to proceed in productivity.


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