Acquired: Private Sale
Sativa/Indica: Hybrid

Take this review with a grain of salt, as we’re not sure whether we received the strain advertised.

We picked up a gram of Jillybean (also known as Jelly Bean) recently, and are reviewing this strain tentatively. Jillybean is a cross of Orange Velvet and Space Queen, and is said to provide strong mango flavours with a euphoric and uplifting high. Our experience with the bud was however, far from what we expected and there is a suspicion that the seller had either mixed up the strains or that this bud hadn’t yet been properly cured.


One of the departments where this bud didn’t let us down, was visually. Dense, saturated buds with good trichome development. Visually, it was quite close to Cheese in colouration of both calyx and pistils. It had been well dried, ground up easy and burnt well.

Taste & Smell

This strain is supposed to exude aromas of mango and citrus, yet what we found was that we got none of the expected flavours and instead merely got the smell of earth and slight wood or pine aroma. It is hard to tell whether this bud was simply not cured correctly or whether perhaps we had been sold something else accidentally. On the inhale, we got the same flavours as the aroma profile would suggest, a heavy earthy aroma with a slight sweet and pungent exhale. These profiles were very similar to that of Haze.

The High

We were expecting an indica high with this, and instead I felt a strong head high that was reminiscent of my Lemon Haze homegrown. There was definitely some creativity increase and energy tied to this high, something that I would also expect more with a Haze variation. There were some negative side effects with this bud, and I developed a headache within 20 minutes of smoking which lasted about half an hour. For the price we paid for this strain, we were certainly disappointed with the quality received.

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