Jenny’s Jolly Lato

We were lucky enough to be blessed with some amazing infused frozen treats from the wonderful people over at Jenny’s Jolly Lato. An mouth watering Chillin’ chocolate ice cream sandwich and a nutter butter ice cream cup.

Being made using infused milk and cream to create the ice cream, the items I received were infused with about 1.5g of organically grown indoor Sugar Black Rose per serving. A fairly substantial amount.

First we shared the ice cream sandwich, with us both having different tolerances (mine being much, much higher), my partner only ate a bit while I had the rest. First off, the chocolate chip cookies used to make the sandwich were buttery, crumbly and oh so tasty! And along with the extremely creamy infused chocolate ice cream, a delectable combination.

The high from the ice cream sandwich was so relaxing, honestly, the perfect treat for a hot summer’s day where you don’t feel like doing too much. ¬†As the name implies, it was “chillin'”. My experience was that it was potent and tasty. My reaction to strong edibles is typically a sedating body high, and this very much achieved that for me, while my partner remained more functional on the high.

The Nutter Butter Ice Cream Cup was extremely creamy and beyond delicious. The flavours were out of this world with pieces of chocolate covered pretzels throughout the cup; which in my personal opinion, took this ice cream cup to a whole other level of delicious!

This high was very similar to the ice cream sandwich, but less sedating for me and I felt more functional, albeit still relaxed.

All in all, if you enjoy edibles and are looking for quality taste as well, I would definitely recommend getting your hands on a product or two from Jenny’s Jolly Lato.

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