jack the ripper strain

Jack The Ripper

Supplied by: 420Monkeys

Jack The Ripper is a 70/30 Sativa dominant strain which crosses Jack’s Cleaner (a descendant of Jack Herer) with Space Queen to create an uplifting day time smoke. While the Sativa genetics really come through in the smoke, this strain remains a relatively small and fast flowering strain, especially considering its Haze lineage.


Another solid looking bud for its price range, Jack The Ripper came looking dense with good colouration and not much stress. We found a single seed in the bud we were supplied. Pistils were sparse, with only a few dark hairs found scattered across the otherwise green bud. Trichome development was solid, and surpassed most of the bud we find for R60 a gram.

jack the ripper strain review

Taste & Aroma

The scent was immediately reminiscent of Lemon Haze, with a strong sharp citrus smell that carries through the sinuses. Once lit these scents transferred through to the smoke, though were joined by an additional pine taste, which was felt in the exhale too, though with a bit lower earthy tones present. The flavours weren’t particularly unique, but many people seem to love sharp citrus notes.


The high from this strain is truly great for those looking for an immediate upliftment in mood and a boost of energy. Rarely do hybrid strains leave me feeling energized, but there was a clear effect on the mind, while the body began to feel the 30% of Indica genetics pulling in with some quality body relaxation. It was nothing sedating by any means, but felt like a nice compliment to the dominant head high. The harvest seemed on with trichomes being mostly cloudy with a split between lesser prominent amber and clear trichomes.

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