Supplied by: 420 Monkeys
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Grow: Indoors

Named after the late cannabis activist, Jack Herer needs little introduction having become a classic strain since its release in the mid 90s. The lineage is that of Haze, Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk, creating a fairly balanced hybrid with slight Sativa dominance at 55%. The result is an uplifting and energetic strain that proves great for social or day time smoking.


The appearance of this bud was of high quality with various shades of green complimented with vibrant orange pistils. Trichome coverage was very good, and also exhibited about 30% amber trichomes which is within the realms of a good harvest for a Sativa strain. The only negative we could see was that it was perhaps a little over dried, though not to the point where rolling became a challenge.


Aroma & Taste

The initial scent of this Jack Herer was vibrant, with sharp citrus and spice aromas. While still potent before grinding, once ground the sharper spicy notes came through more than the citrus. The dry pull was still similar to the scent, however Jack Herer is one of those strains where the taste varies dramatically from the smell. Once inhaled, we were met with white burnt ash and flavours of earthy pine, much lower notes than the scent would suggest. There was a bit of a throat burn, but not too bad and otherwise felt smooth.



The high set in quickly and initially seemed to promote wandering thought patterns, however that changed to a more focused high. It was certainly uplifting and energizing, with the closest analogue I could think of being that of Dutch Passion’s Durban Poison. Jack Herer is an excellent option for boosting your mood and works very well as a day time strain.


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