Infused Cherry Lolipop

Supplied by: CannaPOP

CannaPOP needs little introduction, they’ve established themselves as one of the South African favourites for infused edibles. They offer a variety of products which span all ranges of dosages, providing something for the beginners and the veterans. They have a fairly dynamic menu which sees new additions being made quite regularly, something that is great for those looking to find the treat that works for them.

Our package came sealed in a box, wherein the products were neatly individually sealed, displaying flavours and dosages on them. The branding and marketing side is definitely on point, as can easily be seen by visiting their instagram page.

For our first experience we decided to go for the Cherry Lolipops. I opted for a 10mg due to my never-changing low tolerance, while my partner went for a 30mg. The initial impressions on the visual allure were very positive, they looked better than many store-bought lolipops with no signs of slime or goo, like some have. Instead they were translucent, vibrant in colour and gave way to some sprinkles on the inside.

We were both thoroughly impressed by the taste, no unusual tastes like that in cheap store lolipops and instead remained high in flavour throughout the duration of consumption. I was most interested to see how it would crack or splinter through the process, and how well it would remain on the stick, two common problems for lolipops. There was actually no annoying splintering at all and even when there was only half a bite left, it remained firmly attached to the stick.




With regards to infusion taste, there was definitely a bit of infusion taste in the sucker, but not off-putting at all and seemed to work with the flavouring. For mouth feel, not a single tongue was sliced, which for me is a pretty unique experience with a loli.

The high set in relatively quickly, after about 30 minutes and 10mg was definitely my sweet spot for a base high, it had been about a month since my last edible and my tolerance was definitely lower than normal. There was a distinct euphoria through the high, and a complete relaxation of the body. Despite the relaxed feeling, the high was still quite functional. At least for the beginning, as the high continued, it started to bring about the classic edible yawns and became a bit more sedating after a few hours. My partner, who had the 30mg dosage also felt like her dosage was a good base point, where we could still smoke additionally.

The high lasted about 6 hours and the tail end was definitely more sedate than the opening 2 hours of the high. In conclusion, both the edible and the high were extremely good. We can highly recommend the lolipops, which offer a great way of consuming edibles outside of the house, without having to worry about squashing a brownie in your bag. It’s the ideal stealth edible.

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