Supplied by: Father Green
Sativa/Indica: Indica Dominant Hybrid

This Indica dominant hybrid bud is the result of crossing Afghan, Skunk and Northern Lights. The name stemming from the frosty appearance these buds tend to exhibit. It provides good yields to growers with more than 500g being possible in a square meter area.


Ice typically comes with vibrant colouration and a frosty appearance of trichomes, however this bud seemed to show qualities associated with a late harvest. Under microscope, one can note a large quantity of full amber trichomes, this in combination with very dark and plentiful pistils, made the bud look a little browner than one would typically look for. With that said, it was extremely dense, and still displayed ample trichome development. It ground up very easily, but perhaps was a touch over-dried.

Taste & Aroma

The scent of Ice is never the most appealing, and typically displays a strong peppery and spice-like scent that one can often find in land race strains. Once crushed, the scent definitely came out stronger, again testifying to some over drying. The peppery scent that came out after grinding almost stings the nose.

Flavours very much replicate the scent, with strong pepper and spice taste initially; which then becomes a menthol after taste. The smoke was smooth and seemed to be well cured.

ice strain scope


Despite the appearance, this bud provided an excellent sleeping aid with the high. This strain is already Indica heavy and comes with couch-lock and sedation effects. With that being the goal of most people buying this strain, the late harvest doesn’t interfere with the desired high much at all, providing additional couch lock effects. An early harvest is associated with a buzzing head high, while late harvests increase the body high and couch-lock effects. The high started off behind the eyes and quickly turned into a full body relaxation with extreme couch lock. While late harvests lead to the conversion of THC to CBN, there wasn’t any noticeable lack of THC. A great choice if you’re looking to combat insomnia.


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