Honey Vape Pen (Alien Blue)

Supplied by: Honey Vape Online

We were recently contacted by Honey Vape Online to review one of their products. They sell unbranded distillate vape pens which can then be uniquely branded by distributors, or simply bought straight from the company by consumers.


I was a little skeptical at first, as many of these pens offer a sub-optimal smoke. However, we were both extremely surprised and impressed by the quality provided by these Honey Vape distillate pens. In fact, both the engineering and the smoke provided from these distillate pens blew our minds…

The pen didn’t come in its retail packaging, but we were immediately intrigued by the three-piece unit. The product comes with a removable cartridge that houses the extract and is connected connected to the mouth piece, along with the main pen unit and then a removable USB charging attachment. There is no power on or power off button on the device, and instead it detects when you are pulling in order to automatically turn on.



The distillate oil in these pens have lab tested at an extremely impressively cannabinoid analysis of up to 99.82% cannabinoids, of which around 94% is THC and 1% is CBD. The extraction process uses the method of CO2, making it a clean and healthy extract. The company uses short path distillation in order to isolate and refine the extract. Undesirable components like chlorophyll are removed during the distillation process.

The design was impressive, with a neat black and chrome appearance, with flashy LED charging light on the rear end of the pen. The clear mouth and cartridge comes across professional and clean, and allows for monitoring of distillate levels with ease.


The pen came factory charged and it was as simple as screwing the mouth piece, and we were ready to “smoke” (vape would be a more accurate term). There is no release trigger and instead one simply needs to pull on the mouth piece to get smoking. Each drag triggers the rear LED light, which will glow as long as you pull.

There are several different strains available: Sour Pez, Laughing Gas, Skywalker, Rocco’s Dream and Alien Blue. The sample we received contained Alien Blue, a cross between Blueberry and Alien Kush.

Our first smoke from this pen truly turned us into believers of this product. The “smoke” was unbelievably smooth and immediately filled our mouths with an unbelievably sweet and fruity taste that filled our lungs. On exhale, the sting of the highly purified distillate left us reminded that it wasn’t actually just candy in our mouths. It is hard to explain just how sweet, pure and tasty this product is.

The smell given off by this distillate pen had no resemblance to cannabis, and could easily be smoked in public without arousing suspicions as it smells just like vape juice, at least from what I can testify to with our provided strain.

The high sets in extremely quickly and mirrors a Sativa high, setting in like a head high with a freeing, yet focused feeling to it. The high remains extremely productive and focused, making it a great smoke for socializing or for those who are seeking out that focused, productive and uplifting high. In fact, it can be easy to forget that you’re high after smoking.

The fact that these pens are small as well as easily assembled and disassembled, it makes them great for taking with you while traveling. In fact, we took one with us to a family gathering and had our friends and family all take a drag and share their thoughts. Even the non-smokers in the group enjoyed the experience.

This may have been our first experience with a distillate pen, yet the experience far surpassed our expectations and we will certainly be restocking our cartridge once it runs out.

The pricing for the device itself is only R400, with the primary cost coming from the cartridge. With a full cartridge & pen, you’re looking at R1300, with cartridge replacements coming in at R900 each with discounts for larger orders. Each cartridge is said to provide more than 200 puffs.

Shout out to Honey Vape Online for sending us this product to review, it was really a wonderful experience.

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