gummies (20mg)

Gummies (20mg)

Supplied by: Cannapop via Med420

Gummies may not look intimidating, but if you’ve heard any of the many celebrity experiences with infused gummies you know that you need to take them more serious than you originally considered, as I was to learn with these edibles.

Visually, they looked much like any other gummie out there, with some powdering to keep them from sticking together, possibly even icing sugar?

In the mouth, the texture was good, but not quite perfect with a slight bit of separation of the gelatin when being chewed, making it a touch clumpy at times. Though nothing too serious at all. The taste was what you’d likely expect, perhaps not as rich as some store bought gummies, but I preferred that aspect personally. The aftertaste wasn’t too overpowering and although the infusion taste was there, it didn’t overwhelm.


My tolerance was very low at the time of taking these and damn, did I feel them. Just a single 20mg gummie was enough to keep me well medicated for hours. Those with a higher tolerance could probably use two, while those looking to get truly baked, could use the package… Though wouldn’t recommend that to newer users. There was some added anxiety for me from the high, but the other 2 individuals of the group felt great and reported a very enjoyable high.

If you’re looking for something discreet to take with you and get baked without anyone knowing, this is a good option.

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