Acquired from: Trichoma

There is almost no information online about this strain, but from the few sources I could find, assuming it is the same strain… It is a cross between Blissful Wizard and OG#18. Outside of that I went into this without knowing what to expect.


A beautiful bud, this strain came dense and frosty with bright orange hairs and fairly vibrant colouration on the calyx too. It was unbelievably frosty and looked as though it had been dipped in sugar, the extremely sticky nature made it tough to handle, even just between the container and the grinder. The plant had seemingly been grown by an experienced grower as the trimming was top notch and as mentioned, the bud itself was extremely dense (along with a smooth taste, as mentioned below).

Aroma & Taste

The smell of Gwiz is one that is hard to describe. Having smoked dozens of different strains, there is no direct parallel I am able to draw. It has both sweet and sour scents to it, as well as having a tropical citrus smell, that is extremely pungent too.

Once lit, this strain brings some very unusual nostalgic flavours to it. I found myself sitting for 5 minutes wondering where I had smelled or tasted something similar in my youth. The smoke was very smooth and when we let it slowly escape our mouths, we were taken aback by the vibrant flavours it delivered.

The High

Another potent bud, this strain gave me an amazing body high that left me feeling euphoric and relaxed, though there were some anxious effects at a couple of points. The high seemed like that of an indica dominant hybrid, though there were cerebral elements that felt more sativa-like. My partner had intense dry mouth within the first 30 minutes, where as I never felt any of that myself. It seemed like a quality high for chilling at home watching movies or relaxing, didn’t feel very sociable on it and felt a fair amount of couch lock, not a bad thing when combined with the euphoria it brought.

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