Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch

Acquired from: Trichoma
Sativa / Indica: Sativa Dominant

This strain was sold as “Berry Punch”, however I believe this was actually Fruit Punch, and will be reviewing it as such. Fruit Punch is a sativa dominant strain which its lineage lying in Northern Lights, Haze and Skunk. THC levels for this strain are typically high, around the 20% range.


Appearance was disappointing on this strain. There was no signs of a nug as such, and instead the package was filled with small pieces of plant matter. There was definitely a leafy appearance to it too. A pity considering the strain typically has a very appealing visual appearance, with purple colouration often present. We did have the purple hues in the bud, but were generally loose leaves.

Taste & Aroma

When we opened the bag, there wasn’t much of a smell with it, however once crushed this flower came alive with some of the most beautiful aromas I’ve had from a strain. It has a strong berry scent, extremely sweet and also very tropical. This was essentially the summer cocktail of cannabis strains.

Once lit, the aroma profile translated extremely well into the flavour of the smoke. On the tongue one receives the same strong fruity taste. A combination of citrus, berry and sweet tropical flavours. I would definitely recommend this strain being smoked in a joint with a slim paper, as hitting it from a glass piece seems like blasphemy, as these flavours should be enjoyed slowly and appreciated.

The High

Despite the appearance, this strain was potent! Looking back on my notes made while smoking it, “High af” is listed. This is a strong sativa strain and the high was also extremely cerebral. There was a strong dizzy feeling, which I always enjoy personally. The high was uplifted, though I did feel the side effects of anxiety and paranoia at times. This strain will definitely get you talking, and is great for socializing. You can really feel the Haze parent attributes being brought through on this high.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable smoke and would highly recommend it to those who enjoy the fruity berry taste and the classic Haze type high.

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