Exodus Cheese

Acquired from: Trichoma
Sativa / Indica: Hybrid

Exodus Cheese is a Skunk#1 phenotype which in recent years has found itself dominating the South African market. With the strong body high it produces, in combination with upliftment and euphoria, it is easy to see why it is such a desired strain for many smokers.

This Exodus Cheese was sold as a premium product by Trichoma, at only R100 a gram. For the price point, this bud far exceeded expectations.


Exodus Cheese is known for its dense buds, and this stock was no different. We were treated to some incredibly dense nugs with vibrant green colouration, complimented with the typical dark orange hairs as typically found in Cheese strains. The visual appeal was definitely in line with a top shelf product, more so than a premium product and I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this bud.

Aroma & Taste

The smell of Exodus Cheese is unmistakable, and a scent that I’m sure almost all reading this familiar with. The scent is that of pungent cheese which carries through to the taste of this strain. It’s truly hard not to let out slow breaths on the exhale, and let the taste of cheese waft over ones pallet. It’s one of the few strains where the scent is almost completely unique to weed and hard to find elsewhere in the world.


Despite having smoked Exodus Cheese numerous times before, this was most certainly the hardest I have been hit by it. Whether this was aided by personal factors or merely a case of some good dope, is hard to say. However, I found myself staring around the room and noticing familiar shapes in random objects, almost psychedelic-like. All this while my body was feeling extremely relaxed. The high lasted close to two hours before declining.

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