Wake and Bake Cookies (2mg)

Supplied by: Incrediblesbysam

These low dose cookies are marketed as Wake and Bake cookies, intended for a slow start of a high for the beginning of the day.


These Vanilla flavoured cookies are drizzled with white chocolate, providing a good visual appearance. They may not stand out as much as some of the other desserts by Incrediblesbysame, but they do well for biscuits. The packaging was good, and followed the same details as their previous products we’ve reviewed, with dosage estimate included on the product and wrapped in a branded plastic packet.



While not a problem for most, those with damaged teeth may wish to soak these biscuits in tea before hand, as they were a little hard to bite, perhaps only a touch harder than your standard cookie though. The taste was good, nothing that blew us away like the Red Velvet Bites, but the white chocolate worked well with the vanilla cookie to create an enjoyable experience with barely any residual taste.


While the purpose of these biscuits are to be an early morning low dose edible, we found that at an estimated 2mg a cookies, we couldn’t feel the high at all. We’ve both got a fair tolerance to edibles and anything under 10mg will generally go unnoticed for myself and anything less than 20mg tends to go unnoticed for my partner.

2mg is a fair dosage for someone who is completely new to edibles and looking to have one of their first experiences at a very low dose, though this dosage seems too low for casual or experienced users who smoke fairly regularly.

The fact that we couldn’t feel the high makes it tough to review that part, but that isn’t to say that this edible doesn’t have a place in the world. For conservative first timers, this is a perfectly viable option.

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