THC Capsules – 12.5mg

Supplied by: Travis Mocke

These 12.5mg capsules were made using an Afghan Kush x OG Kush strain which was then extracted as a “whole-plant extract”, the same as we reviewed here. This THC oil is then mixed with extra virgin coconut oil and placed inside a cellulose capsule (vegan friendly). The extract is fully activated and as such, lacks the off-putting taste that can come with home decarboxylation of flower.

The pills we were provided were 12.5mg doses, though are also available in 25mg, 50mg, 100mg (and 200mg suppositories). For those with a low tolerance, 12.5 miligrams is sufficient for a rather hearty high, especially for those with smaller body mass. For larger individuals, two capsules may be the sweet spot, however always start with one and see how you feel 90 minutes later. These extracts are lab tested, which ensures the ability to accurately dose these edibles.

For those with a light to moderate tolerance, 12.5g becomes a very nice base for your high and once your edible has kicked in, you can always crank it up by smoking some flower or taking another capsule. Or, if you’re already a THC veteran, you can always buy one of the more potent options (such as the 100mg capsule). I found that 12.5mg left me on a really good spot for functioning, while also making it easy to get completely stoned by adding onto it with some additional smoking.

We’ve had these capsules for a couple months now and have almost finished our stock, the high feels consistent and so far the experiences have been nothing but positive. For me, I find the capsules tend to kick in after about a 75 minutes if I’ve eaten, and around 45 minutes on an empty stomach. The low doses make it perfect for those looking to remain functioning, while also achieving a solid body high. With that said, drop a few of these capsules and they can definitely blow you away. A couple capsules mixed with a dab and bong proved a bit much for me on one occasion.

These capsules are extremely affordable too. With the base price starting at R420 for 40 of the 12.5mg capsules (less than R12 each).

If you’re looking to get high at an affordable price, with some quality extract based edibles, I would definitely recommend these products.

THC Capsules - 12.5mg




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