Red Velvet Mini-Cakes (4mg)

Supplied by: Incrediblesbysam

We had the pleasure of being supplied some edibles by Incrediblesbysam, a Cape Town based edibles distributor who has taken a slightly different approach on their products. They offer low dose, high flavour edibles which seek to retain the taste of the goods, while also providing something in the way of THC. They’ve done a great job on their branding and will no doubt become a favourite for many edible fans out there looking for a light buzz with their edibles (though they do offer some high potency products too).

The first of the items we tried were the Red Velvet Mini-Cakes, which are small red velvet cakes, topped with sour cream and then covered in chocolate. They come in at 4mg each and come in a pack of 3. At R60 a pack, it’s not excessively expensive for the quality and a pack of 3 can fill a standard single dose.

Packaging & Branding

Absolutely excellent product branding and packaging on everything we received from them. Each item is individually packaged and sealed, with dosage and allergens displayed on the packets. Some may criticize the use of plastic over cardboard, but it results in a fresher product for a longer period and certainly holds merit in this case. Along with the vital information, each package is also branded with company information and social pages.

The product itself looked amazing… Extremely well made edibles which stand out as professional baked goods. This was certainly a product that made you want to taste it.


The taste aligned perfectly with the visuals, and the initial bite broke through the rich chocolate coating to expose the tongue to a soft, moist decadent center. There was barely any cannabis taste to the product, and without the knowledge of it being infused, an uneducated diner would easily not notice the taste. The light infused taste was minimal and just present lightly in the aftertaste. The mouthfeel was great, with the cake being especially moist and appealing.


The ease of dose is very easy, with low potency it is easy to ensure you don’t go too far, though some may feel like a slightly higher dosage is required. For instance, my partner has a high tolerance and she typically requires around 20mg before she feels an edible, so she wasn’t able to get much out of these. However, I managed to feel a slight buzz at 6mg, with my usual dosage being around 15mg. This low dosage made it difficult to rate the high, albeit understood why the low dosage is used, sacrificing THC for taste.

They seemed to fit the description of the dosage, and provided what one can typically expect from that dosage, meaning we have scored it high in the potency, as we measure potency solely on the advertised dose vs effects felt. The duration scores lower, as the lower dose doesn’t leave one feeling the same lengthy high as a higher dose edible. There was no paranoia with the high and surprisingly not really any munchies either.

We can highly recommend these mini-cakes for those looking to enjoy some delicious desserts, while building a base high to smoke on top of, or those just looking for a light buzz. Though with that said, a full dose of all three should be enough to provide you with a fairly decent high if you have a lower tolerance.


Red Velvet Mini-Cake








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