Oreo Cookie (50mg)

Supplied by: Father Green

We received met up with the guys from Father Green and got given some samples of their menu. The Father Green menu offers both flower and edibles, with some interesting edible options including this Oreo cookie that we tried. The price of these cookies are R60 each, and they come in at 50mg potency (R1.20 per mg). These biscuits are made using greenhouse oils, but Father Green are in the process of adjusting the way they do the edibles and will soon be using sativa bud for the Oreo cookies, while also offering Hybrid and Indica options on other edible products, giving the user a choice of which they’d prefer to dose. A pretty cool idea.

Packaging & Appearance

The cookie was provided in a marked zip-lock bankie and then placed inside a paper bag. The packaging wasn’t anything special, yet was enough to keep the product both discreet and fresh (within a reasonable time frame). Going forward, I’m hoping to see more dispensaries focusing on the packaging and branding on edibles, as it both gives a better perception to the user, while also benefiting the distributor who will be more likely to have their product packaging shared on social media etc.

On the other hand the cookie itself was certainly very nicely done, as weed leaf imprints on the cookie gave it a unique look that separated it from other standard cookie designs. The structure was similar to that of an Oreo with chocolate biscuit on either side of a white icing filling.




The initial taste is good, the chocolate and icing mix does come across similar to an Oreo cookie. Though there was a fairly heavy aftertaste, as can be expected when using greenhouse oil in the infusion. It wasn’t a horrible experience by any means, but did come across a bit stronger than we expected. This may be a non-issue for many, as some do enjoy the strong cannabis taste, however it does detract slightly from the rich chocolate. With regards to mouth feel, it was a little tough for us to judge as the sample had been sitting for a while before we were able to collect. It was a little harder than you’d find with an Oreo, but this may have been due to the fact that it was sitting around for a while.


Myself and my partner found ourselves with different experiences on the high. I have a lower tolerance, and was able to definitely feel the effects of what felt like a 20-25mg edible to me. My partner however, who had the other half, found herself only with a slight high from the dosage. This is most likely due to her fairly strong tolerance, in particular to edibles. For those with lower tolerances, a half should get you to a good place, while those with higher tolerances may want to opt for the whole 50mg.


From my experience, the high was an enjoyable one. There was no anxiety or paranoia tied to the experience, and it felt like a good platform for additional smoking. The high lasted me around 6 hours before fading.

For dosing, by their nature cookies will always be difficult to dose, as splitting them into fractions is not the easiest of tasks. It should be fairly easy to dose well if sharing with 1 other person and separating into halves, however if you’re looking for more manageable, small doses — it would be better to look into Father Green’s gummies, which offer a very easy dosing ability.


Oreo Biscuit








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