Nutella Cookie (50mg)

Supplied by: Father Green

We were given a couple of edibles from the guys at Father Green last month, one of the items provided was a Nutella cookie with a dosage of 50mg that sells for R60 each. This price point works out to R12 a mg of THC, which is a pretty good price for the dose.

Appearance & Packaging

The packaging for this cookie was the same as the previous Oreo Cookie review we did for Father Green, being placed inside a marked ziplock bag. This packaging, while not extravagant, is enough to ensure the cookie remains fresh.

The cookie itself came across as appealing, the design features stamp with “MINE” going across the cookie. The general appearance was inviting to taste.


The mouth feel was excellent on this, with a light initial crunchy bite followed by a smooth and easy chew. The initial taste came across very well with moderately rich flavour profile. The taste felt very chocolate orientated and the taste of the Hazelnut in the Nutella came through very gently.

While the initial taste was very pure in the flavours, the aftertaste was a little bitter and carried a bit of a heavy cannabis flavour, something that some may enjoy while others may dislike. It wasn’t overbearing, but a little on the stronger side.


Consuming a calculated lower dosage may be tricky with all higher potency biscuits, though for most consumers I imagine this is not an issue and 50mg can serve as a good single dose for experienced smokers. We split this cookie two ways and found the high to be around what we’d expect from the advertised dose. The high lasted about 7 hours, and we didn’t really feel any side effects. We didn’t feel the often sedating effects of edibles and managed to remain productive throughout the high.

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