Dunked Chocolate Biscuits (6mg)

Supplied by: EdiblesbySam

Another edible delight sent through to us by EdiblesbySam was a Dunked Chocolate Biscuit, which had an advertised dosage of 6mg each. These treats consisted of chocolate biscuits dunked in further chocolate. The closest analogue for this cookie may be a Romany Cream, but with the center chocolate fully wrapped around the biscuits on all areas.


Packaging was the same as our previous reviews and scored well with us in terms of branding and visual appeal. With regards to these cookies themselves, they appeared rich and inviting with a solid mass of dried chocolate enveloping them.


Once bit into, these biscuits held a similar consistency to Romany Creams as well, with a solid crunchy biscuit which when chewed, combines with the smooth chocolate coating to creating a family mouthfeel. The taste itself was great, the chocolate didn’t feel too sugary, while still maintaining a richness to it. The chocolate biscuits beneath the surface gave more decadence as the rich flavours came through in all directions. This should be reserved for those who truly enjoy a rich, sweet, chocolate snack and may be a bit much for the more savory inclined. There was little to no cannabis flavouring, as with most of their edibles, likely due to the lower dosage that they come in.


Despite the advertised dose being 6mg a cookie, this one we did feel a bit and I would estimate the dosage to be closer to 10-12mg. The high wasn’t very vigorous and instead left us feeling just slightly uplifted and a little bit light in the head (not in a bad way). The high came on after about 45 minutes began with the initial floaty feeling, though we retained focus and energy. This wasn’t a put you to sleep high, but rather a gentle caress. We found the effects had mostly dissipated by around the 4-5 hour mark.

Overall, it was an enjoyable edible and could work well as a low dose for new smokers who are looking to enjoy a buzz while indulging in rich chocolate biscuits.

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