black weed national 100mg

Blackweed Nation Mango & Orange 100mg THC Drink

black weed national 100mg

Supplied by: Blackweed Nation

Blackweed Nation offer several cannabis products, but the most exciting to us was their now rather well-known cannabis infused drinks. These potent THC infused drinks come in both Mango & Orange and Strawberry Lemonade flavours. These potent drinks are made using a variety of cannabis strain extracts, in an attempt to cover a large base of cannibinoid profiles, allowing for the juice to serve both the recreational and medicinal market. Extracts are made from organic indoor bud, which is then extracted using 96% food grade ethanol. In short, Blackweed Nation creates this potent drink using high quality bud extracts and with both the recreational and medicinal market in mind.

The packaging of the drink is great. Simple yet recognizable branding on the bottle. The bottle itself uses one of those recloseable wire systems, providing an organic feel to the drink, somewhat like one would expect to find from a homemade product with passion as the basis for its development.

Before drinking, we had placed it inside a cold fridge and let it sit for a few hours, as recommended. A good shake before consuming is also important.

With a potency of 100mg, these drinks should be shared with a few friends. Though if you’re someone who likes to push the boundaries on your consumption and looking to consume a full bottle, well it will surely get you where you’re looking to go.

In our test, I took 40mg of the drink while my partner, whose tolerance is much higher than my own, drank the other 60mg+-. Upon opening the drink, we were greeted by strong scents of mango and orange. The taste starts off with a lovely fruit blend, which turns to a bitter late kick as you get a taste of the extraction in the drink. You’re not going to get the same flavour profile as your favourite brand of fruit juice, but you’re certainly going to get a refreshing sip of medicated cannabis juice. Some may be a little put off by the taste if they go into it expect solely mango and orange flavours. However, the accompanying extraction taste should be seen as a testament to the potency of this drink, and something that can be savored.

The juice kicked in much faster than edibles, and I began to feel a buzz after about 20 minutes or so. My 40mg dose may have been a little bold for myself, especially given that it had brought on visuals from a recent mushroom trip. My partner however, was handling her 60mg much better and feeling both pain relief from her chronic condition, while also still feeling productive and energetic. When dosing, don’t underestimate this drink as one bottle could easily take down even a highly experienced smoker. A good starting point for lower tolerance users may be to take a shot glass first, see how you feel an hour later and then consider adding to your dose.

The high lasted for a good 8 hours or so, and at the end of the day had us feeling completely relaxed and ready for a great night’s sleep, as edibles so often do.

We can definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in a high potency THC drink. It’s locally made, so you’re supporting the local business while also getting a hefty dose of THC. These drinks are perfect to share around a braai with a few of your friends.

Blackweed Nation also offer shroom infused drinks for those wanting to get psychedelic, so be sure to give their social media a view to see what’s available.

Mango & Orange THC Drink

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